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Skincare alcohols can be good?!

BY LOUISA AHLQVIST Skincare alcohols have gotten a pretty bad rap over the years, and sometimes, it's for a good reason! These alcohols: Alcohol (duh) Ethanol Denatured Alcohol/Alcohol Denat. Methanol SD Alcohol Isopropyl Alcohol ...are no-goes! 🙅‍♀️ These can age you over time, dry out your skin production (which causes your skin to produce more oil!), and worsen texture! Here's a list of skincare alcohols that will transform your skin in the best way AND products with these ingredients. Cetyl Alcohol Stearyl Alcohol Lauryl Alcohol Glycol C12-16 Myristyl Alcohol Cetearyl Alcohol So next time you're on the hunt for a new skin product, pull up this list and you know what products to run from...and what to run to!

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