10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Quarantine


By Louisa Ahlqvist

Even though it’s been almost nine months since the COVID-19 Safer at Home orders and social distancing guidelines were put into effect, this “new normal” still doesn’t feel normal. And that’s okay!

The socially-distanced life is not easy, but it’s essential for flattening the curve and preventing the spread and potential exposure of COVID-19. However, there is no denying that spending the majority of our days indoors and socially distanced has a draining effect on the mind and body. You might find yourself missing a sense of routine, normalcy, and balance. 

But there are things we can all do to make the days better and learn to not only cope with this “new normal”, but thrive. Here are 10 ways to stay healthy, manage anxiety, and remain active during quarantine!

  1. Drink plenty of water. 
  2. Move regularly—whether for you that’s following a fitness Youtube video or even going for a stroll around the block every day, getting your blood pumping is always a good idea! Don’t forget to stretch, too!
  3. Wash your face every day and use day moisturizers with SPF—even if you’re staying inside. UV rays are everywhere!
  4. Don’t over-indulge on “soothing” behaviors, like drinking, eating, or shopping. They’re bad for your body and your wallet! Keep an eye on grazing and try making a budget.
  5. Keep a routine and make sure to prioritize time for healthy self care, such as taking a bath, doing yoga, meditating, or doing your nails.
  6. Keep your environment organized and tidy. 
  7. Store things that you take outside in a specific area. If you have a purse or reusable bag you always take with you outside, leave it in its designated location to prevent any cross-contamination.
  8. Make a sleep routine and maintain good sleep hygiene, such as keeping your sleep environment cool, dark, quiet, and with as little blue light as possible. 
  9. Build confidence with self-improvement activities—whether that’s learning how to cook, taking a language class in your free time or reading that book you’ve been putting off.
  10. Reach out to friends and family for emotional support, and if you feel you need professional help, you can find resources here and here.

    Making conscious choices is necessary for maintaining a healthy routine, but it’s most important to practice patience: with the process and with yourself.

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