All About Aloe!


Aloe vera is a common ingredient in skincare or over-the-counter products (i.e. Aloe vera gel). The succulent plant is full of healing nutrients that serve multiple benefits to the skin. Aloe is said to be compatible and effective for all skin types. The vitamin-dense gel of the aloe plant is universally healing and great for the skin on your face and body, so read on to find out more!

  1. It soothes 

Aloe vera provides a cooling-effect when used on the skin. The gel-like consistency helps calm and heal skin properties with a soothing sensation. This cooling-effect is particularly used to help alleviate pain and skin-warming caused by sunburns. Aloes also accelerates topical wound healing, like sunburns!

  1. It reduces dark spots

Aloe’s composition of minerals, enzymes, and vitamins helps reduce the appearance of dark spots (sometimes referred to as “sun spots”) on the skin over time. Aloe encourages the rejuvenation of skin cells to turn over the severity of the skin’s hyperpigmentation. Look at it as the plant version of retinol--read more about skin cell turn over here!

  1. It moisturizes

Aloe helps lock in moisture that would otherwise be lost to epidermis water loss. Aloe’s moisturizing benefits also leave the skin looking plump and hydrated. It is also a “humectant”, which means it helps bring moisture to the top layers of the skin leaving skin supple!

  1. It minimizes redness

Due to aloe’s various antioxidant properties, it is able to soothe irritation and inflammatory issues that cause skin redness. The anti-inflammatory properties particularly aim to reduce redness and swelling! Aloe may also be used in the aftercare of inflammatory acne, so Healthline recommends applying the gel with a cotton swab to the area daily to treat breakouts.

  1. It diminishes signs of aging

Aloe contains multiple sources of vitamins that are helpful in reducing signs of aging and wrinkles. Vitamin A, C, and E help diminish the appearance of aging skin by providing the epidermis with extra water loss protection. These vitamin properties also reduce the appearance of fine lines by increasing the production of collagen and skin elasticity.

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