Gua Sha: Transforming Your Face At Home

All About The Traditional & Modern Use of Gua Sha


The Gua Sha (facial & body) tool and practices have been trending in the world of skincare and beauty, and for good reason. With it now being the newest fad on Youtube and Tik Tok, it’s time to learn why. Gua Sha massages are used for lymphatic drainage, sculpting, toning, and relieve tension in the face, neck, and body. 


Gua Sha originates from traditional Chinese medicine and has a long history of alleviating fluid and bodily concerns in those who practice with the tool(s). Tools made from Jade stone or Rose Quartz are traditionally scrapped across the skin to create pressure. Well Insiders explains that the pressure through heat drains the body of toxins and reduces inflammation. 

It wasn’t until later that the benefits of Gua Sha on the face were discovered through adaptation to Western practice, according to Vogue. Now, most Gua Sha massages are done on the face, neck, and declitage, but we have traditional Chinese practice to thank for discovering the benefits of lymphatic drainage!   

What Gua Sha Actually Does 

It seems like the benefits of Gua Sha are endless. Along with promoting lymphatic drainage, it can help with migraines and neck pain, claims Good Housekeeping

Gua Sha helps to relieve pain or tension by applying light pressure. It circulates blood flow and minimizes facial bloat as drainage is increased by massage. Gua Sha reduces facial lines, with increased use. Many people also claim to see results of a more symmetrical face or the toning of facial features after continued use. This is due to the reduction of heavy fluid and long-term sculpting practices. 

How To Use The Tool 

Gua Sha facial massage is done by gently using the tool at a flat angle to your face. Moving in upwards motions (to the sky), you want to softly glide the tool under your eyes, along the jawline, forehead, cheeks, and neck. You may also want to pull the skin slightly taut when using the tool in areas like the jawline. 

You want to use an oil or slippery serum before your Gua Sha to decrease any harsh pulling on the skin. We suggest checking out our “Unforgettable Moisturizing Facial & Body Oil” for Gua Sha practicing!

It’s important to use the correct shape of the tool for the different areas of your face. Check out this quick tutorial on how to properly use a Gua Sha for facial massage!

Gua Sha is a great add-on to your skin or self-care routine. The benefits of facial massage are achievable at home with this tool. Find out which type of Gua Sha tool is the best fit for you here!

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